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Saturday, 9 April 2016

When i was in past life

i’m going to describe about my past life and how it has influenced me. Most of the bad things I did and most of the good things I did while I was growing up. All of that was golden in my memory.

I was born in Dhaka.My birthday is in March 15. When I was 5 years old I started the Primary School in Sultanpur Primary School. I studied there 3 years, and it was a really great time for me. I have started my college  at Ideal commers college. I had my best friends there, because we were together more than 2 years, and we were like a family. In the end of my college life, when I was home all afternoons I used to do my homework and after I used to play with my friends. Sometimes I used to go to my friend’s house to play, and sometimes go to playground. 
I think that I had a really nice childhood. I didn’t have any kind of problems, and I enjoyed all my childhood. I had very really nice memories about my childhood.
When I was a child my mom all nights read me different kind of stories before I go to sleep, and she song me a lot of songs too. I had many favorite stories that I loved that my mom read to me. But I think that my favorites were Little Red Riding hood, Cinderella, 3 pigs, and another that I can’t remember now, but I always preferred Ali Baba & 40 thieves.
My mom cause she would spank me every time I got in trouble doing dumb things. She would always care for me and didn’t let me get too crazy. She would always make me come to school because she thinks having an education is the most important thing so I thank showed me how to take care of myself.

In my college life I enjoyed more. That was the most memorable event in my life. First year was really boring just because the whole day was like : teacher coming to the class, lecture then again  new teacher, then lecture, again new  teacher, again lecture and no fun. but that time I was having with me my sweet friends. They remained always with me every time. Then came second year, the most special year of my life. I gained a lot in my college. Teachers were always helping, classmates were very good and friends awesome.

Travelling and discover new things is my hobby. That’s why form my childhood I travelled many more place in my beautiful Bangladesh.
thats all about my past life... Thankx for reading my post

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